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How to reach user defined Addin Class members??

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor



How to get a SolidEdge Addin and "cast it" to the original user defined addin class.


 Dim CustomAddIn As DBSolidEdgeLib.Connect '

'I can see CallBack from ObjectBrowser in VisualBasic


    Dim i As Integer


    For i = 1 To addIns.Count

        If addIns(i).Guid = "{29B8E71D-5705-4472-8062-C57CFCB16B7E}" Then ''

            MsgBox "Addin:" & vbCrLf & addIns(i).Description & vbCrLf & addIns(i).Guid

            Set CustomAddIn = addIns.Item(i) '

            Exit For

        End If


CustomAddin.CallBack ("TEST")


I created an Addin with wizard.

Everything works fine.

1. Addin is registered

2. Is running in SoliEdge

In the Addin, I defined one member

CallBack (Command)

But I cannot call it.

Thanks in advance,

best regards



Posted by: Massimo Magris
Post date: 2/18/2009 12:09:18 AM