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How to save part into specific folder in Teamcenter

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Guys,is there anybody who knows how to save newly created part into specific Folder in Teamcenter mode?

I successfully saved SE part with code showed bellow, but how can I place this SE part to specific FOLDER instead of NEWSTUFF?





Call TC.AssignItemID("Item", itemId, revId)

Dim strSEEC_Cache As String = ""

Dim FilesToCheckInToTC(0) As Object

objPart.Properties.Item("ProjectInformation").Item ("Document Number").Value = itemIdobjPart.Properties.Item("ProjectInformation").Item ("Revision").Value = revIdobjPart.Properties.Item("ProjectInformation").Item ("Project Name").Value = itemId

Call TC.GetPDMCachePath(strSEEC_Cache)

objApplication.DisplayAlerts = False

Call objPart.SaveAs(strSEEC_Cache + "\" + itemId + ".par")

Call objPart.Close()FilesToCheckInToTC(0) = strSEEC_Cache + "\" + itemId + ".par"

Call TC.CheckInDocumentsToTeamCenterServer(FilesToCheck InToTC, False)


Posted by: Roman Racak
Post date: 3/8/2011 1:53:43 AM