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How to use GetOccurrences Method for Assembly Pattern

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Valued Contributor



I am trying to get the occurance information ( Name) from the Assembly Pattern as follows,



Dim lAssemblyModelDocumentAsSolidEdgeAssembly.AssemblyDocument



lAssemblyPatterns = lAssemblyModelDocument.AssemblyPatterns


lAssemblyPattern = lAssemblyPatterns.Item(i + 1)


  lAssemblyPattern As SolidEdgeAssembly.AssemblyPatternDim lAssemblyPatterns As SolidEdgeAssembly.AssemblyPatternsFor i AsInteger = 0 To lAssemblyPatterns.Count - 1Next


Here lArrOccurances is supposed to be System.Array. In SE programming it is mentioned that it should be Matrix.

Can Anybody tell me how to define this lArrOccurances ?

Thanks and Regards,



Posted by: Ravindra Mujumdar
Post date: 5/8/2010 4:03:22 AM


RE: How to use GetOccurrences Method for Assembly Pattern

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Valued Contributor

Hello Ravi,


You should declare lArrOcuurances as an empty array.

Then ReDim lArrOcuurances with lAssemblyPatterns.Count

lArrOcuurances should be filled with the following line of code lAssemblyPattern.GetOccurrences(lArrOccurances)


Good luck!


Posted by: Wouter Sloof
Post date: 5/9/2010 10:22:18 PM

RE: How to use GetOccurrences Method for Assembly Pattern

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Valued Contributor

Hi ErWo,


Thanks a lot for quick reply.


I tried the way you suggested,


I declared

Dim lArrOccurances() as object


Redim lArrOccurances(lAssemblyPattern.count)


Now lArrOccurances is returning System_ComObject but has no information about

Occurrence like Name etc.


Here I will elaborate more what exactly I want.


Basically I want to know quantity of each part in assembly tree. I am facing a problem of getting quantity for the parts which are patterned.


Case 1

Suppose a part is not repeated in the assembly and has a pattern. Then I get no. of occurrences of this part by running a loop. In this case items in the assembly pattern has a flag IsPatterned as false but IsPatternItem as true. Counting loop iterations I can get total qty.


Case 2

This is where I am facing a problem


I have an assembly in which 2 identical parts say



Both of them has independent patterns. One pattern has 1 item and other has 3 items.

My problem is how do I know which of the pattern belongs to which of the above 2 parts.

When I look into the occurrence object of each part I get quantity of 1 only. Object only says that this item is Patterned.(IsPattered= True and IsPatternItem = False)


So the confusion is whether Part.par:1 has 2 occurances OR Part.par:2 has 2 occuarnces ?


I get quantity of items in Assembly patterns but I am not able to correlate it with the parts which are patterned in the assembly tree.


Do you agree the way I am going ? OR if is is wrong, will you suggest any other method ?







Posted by: Ravindra Mujumdar
Post date: 5/11/2010 3:32:08 AM