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I am a newborn at this - Part modification

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Valued Contributor



I see the power of what Solid Edge Synchronous can do for my company.  That is why I purchased it to take all of our hodgepodge mess of drawings and get them organized.  I have them organized for the most part.  Took me six months and I have learned quite a bit about modeling through the process.


As a future project, I want to hire an engineer that can create a program that will dynamically create custom products for our web visitors with a quote and to present those visitors with a photorealistic image of their requested product. 


In trying gather info on how to go about this, I have found the API examples to be quite scarce.  I don't even really know where to begin. 


You all are far, far ahead of my skillset.  So, I have a couple questions:

Is what I am hoping for possible?

As a good starting example, can someone show how a part can be modified .NET programatically to be 12.500" wide from 10.000" wide?

What is a good training guide, face-face class or online class?

Is there any decent programming documentation out there?


I appreciate this forum...I am hoping to annoy you all with simple questions for years to come!


Take care,





Posted by: Mark Rossnagel
Post date: 9/3/2011 3:43:31 PM


RE: I am a newborn at this - Part modification

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Valued Contributor



Let me be the first to welcome you.  Regarding your question about the future product, I always like to say that anything is possible with enough time and money ;-).  I personally cringe when I hear the "web" word.  Automating Solid Edge in a server environment is not supported by Siemens and is a sketchy adventure at best but I will admit to seeing\hearing of people doing it.


Regarding the documentation\training, we have made strides since the ST release on getting the SDK Help updated.  In the past, it was hardly updated and very much out of date.  Much, much more work needs to be done though.  Part of my mission since 2005 has been to get more of what you're asking for.  I would say use any angle you can to get the word to Siemens that we (the development community) need more.  I do my part but that only goes so far.


Under C:\Program Files\Solid Edge X directory, you will find a Custom and SDK folder.  There are examples there you can look at.  My Solid Edge Spy application is a good tool for learning the API.  There are also links in the Solid Edge Help as shown in the screenshot below.





Posted by: Jason Newell
Post date: 9/4/2011 10:32:58 PM