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I have created a part file and linked the dimensions to an excel file.  But I plan on using this part file as a template so after I use excel to drive these dimensions the first time, it will assume its final shape and no further modifications should be made.  So I need to break the link to the excel file.    


We have created a database with MS access and excel for laying out the specifications for our products.  Through the use of some simple formulas we are driving an excel spreadsheet that will come up with all of the lay out information for the cad model.  Think a timing belt pulley whos profile doesn't really change, but the major/minor diameters and tooth count does.  


So what I am trying to accomplish is after entering a few parameters, the user would press a button which we would link to our macro, it will launch SE, update the template part file with this new data, break the excel link, and prompt the user to "save as".  Currently I have a VBA macro through MS access that updates the excel file with the new data, and launches SE and opens the template part file.  So you have to manually break the excel link and save as.   Is there a way to automate those last two tasks to completely take the human error element out of the equation?  


I have been looking through Tushar's purge variable stuff and I think a variation of that might be possible but but I would really appreciate a little input on the rout I should take to complete this task. 


Re: Importing and breaking links from excel

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Hi Matt_S,

to remove the link from a variable to the excel cell, you only neet to remove the fomulta (delete the text).


But if you have a program running in Excel you could also connect to the Solid Edge Application, get or open the desired Document (part file?) and the set the variable values directly using the values from the Excel cells.

I you write the variable name in an adjacent cell, then the program can query the vairable table for thar name.


This avoids completely the links from the Solid Edge Document to the Excel file.




VS2015, SE ST10

Re: Importing and breaking links from excel


I'll give it a go and get back to you!  Thanks for the input!

Re: Importing and breaking links from excel

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Hi Matt.

I am new to solid edge. I can link excel and change variable without a problem. I don't understand removing the link when I save as. I too do not want to have to delete the text every time.

I am using ST7.