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I am new to Solid Edge programming and have been asked to make an addin. The addin will populate a combo box with a list of signatures (grouped images) from an external draft file and then insert the selected signature into the active draft. The signatures will change over time so I do not want to add them to the combo box dynamically vs hard coding. Does anyone know of any examples that show how to access objects in an external draft that is not open or have some sample code that will get me started? The draft that contains the signatures is saved in SharePoint 2010 if that makes a difference.


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It looks like the "grouped image" is actually a grouped curve if that makes a difference.

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There are ways to read the EMF stream of a draft document directly, but for what you are going to do, I believe you have to open the document at least once.

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This reminds me of the Engineer imagination vs Manufacturing reality conundrum. Just because an Engineer comes up with a great idea doesn't necessarily mean that it's possible to make or that his design is the best approach. In this case, you're the manufacturing side. As I look at the requirements, I quickly come to the conclusion that the requirements you've been given either a) aren't possible or b) there are better ways to accomplish the same task.


If it were me, I would propose that the images be stored either a) on a file system b) directly in a SharePoint list or c) anywhere else other than embedded directly into a draft file. Any of these approaches makes it extremely easy to maintain and retrieve the required data.

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Thank you for the response. I was considering option B prior to posting in the forums but not knowing anything about Solid Edge I wasn't sure what was possible or not. Does it matter to SE what the image type is (jpg, png, etc.)?

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In my AddIns I've been successfully using .png images. I haven't tried other kinds of images yet.