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Hi All


Great site jason, hope someone can help me regarding BOM (Bill Of Materials) retrieval. I have seen within the SolidEdge examples the use of the Revision Manager library to retrieve assembly information.


But within windows explorer when you right click on a SolidEdge assembly file a Reports option is presented this runs a Report.exe program that is located within the directory "C:\Program Files\Solid Edge V17\Program\Report.exe".


This is an out of process BOM retrieval program that retrieves BOM information for a top level assembly. The most important aspect for myself is that it does not require SolidEdge to be running in order to retrieve the BOM information unlike the SolidEdge example of BOM retrieval which does require SolidEdge to be in process.


This BOM reports program can also be accessed while running Insight Connect. From my understanding of things from looking within the help and the SolidEdge forums the program uses the Insight Connect and Revision Manager API. I have access to the Revision Manager Library through the RevMgr.tbl. But I do not know where or how to use the Insight Connect library to retrieve BOM information. Therefore any help with this would be gratefully appreciated.


I have seen alot of posts concerning Greg Chasteen .NET examples maybe he has exposed this functionality within them could you point out where these examples are also.


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Posted by: Cormac Richardson
Post date: 11/21/2005 2:21:32 AM


RE: Insight Connect Reports BOM

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Hi just an update for anyone else who may be experiencing the same problem's. I found a link to Greg Chasteen .NET examples on the Solid Edge forums after much searching.


Greg has done some wonderful examples including one that retrieve's the BOM of an assembly using Revision Manager API without having to open the assembly within Solid Edge first.


I was excited to find Jason's site, but very dissapointed to not recieve one reply in regards to my problem, maybe no one else knew an answer or everyone else has been busy.


Anyway here is the link to the ftp site.


You will need a valid WebKey username and password in order to download the zip file.


Cheers Cormac



Posted by: Cormac Richardson
Post date: 11/27/2005 8:18:24 PM

RE: Insight Connect Reports BOM

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Hi Cormac!


Sorry you didn't get the answers you were looking for. It didn't help that last week was a holiday week in the US. I do my best to answer peoples questions but I don't always do a good job. I'm glad you found Greg's examples. Let us know if you still have questions on BOM retrieval.


Posted by: Jason Newell
Post date: 11/28/2005 5:28:49 AM