Insight; Edit Profile Drop List, Column Choices

How can I access the Insight Columns Choices via API?


In my windows form app I'm providing users some combo boxes and I want to populate the comboboxes with the insight Column Choices instead of hard coding the choices in 2 places,  both in insight and also in my app.


I've reviewed the Insight API Examples and Cant seem to find this sort of example.


Any help is much appreciated!



Re: Insight; Edit Profile Drop List, Column Choices



SharePoint has list APIs (web services) that you should be able to use, assuming that it's exposed as a list. I don't have access to an Insight server to test with but thought I'd mention it for others reading at a later date. I know you're spoken with Siemens but not sure what you came up with. It would be helpful to drop a note on what you ended up doing.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect

Re: Insight; Edit Profile Drop List, Column Choices

Thansk Jason,


I was told that to pull the colum choices I'd need sharepoint APIs not Insight...


suggestion was to create 1 master list as a txt or xml and then read this master list into both insight and my macro... this way the macro would read the master list each time its ran and wouldnt need to recompile...


I just manually populated my list in my macro, its short and i can edit as needed.