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InterPart variable link creation from API

Hi Guys,


if it's already discussed, maybe my search strategies were wrong, BUT


when we create links between part's variables through UI, its a quite straightforward process, and ends up with a formula, kind of




Could somebody explain, where that part after exclamation mark comes from, or, in other words, how could I create references to variables of other parts from API?


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András Kovács


Re: InterPart variable link creation from API

as I suppose after hanging around in the docs, it's going to be an OLE link to a specific variable. Its still a question, how to get such a reference from API???

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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: InterPart variable link creation from API

Fineally, there are


CopyToClipboard ()



methods for an item of Variables collection  (and NOT  for a variable object!!!) which are designed to do this job --- through the OS clipboard.