Is anyone developing using ST2...SUCCESSFULLY?

So how is everyone getting on with ST2?I created an add-in in VB.NET using Visual Studio 2008. I’ve posted recently on this subject and produced a workflow document and thought I was making good progress.HOWEVER...I’ve developed the application using V19 (the customer is still using V19). Today I installed and tested on later versions of SE.

V20 – Installed and ran without any problems.ST1 – Installed and ran without any problems.

ST2 – Absolutely nothing works.

Is this just down to the interops? Will it have to be recompiled with the latest ST2 installed on the development machine in order to get it to work in ST2?

Ami I just being totally dumb?


Posted by: Dave Rothan
Post date: 10/14/2009 9:41:43 AM


RE: Is anyone developing using ST2...SUCCESSFULLY?

Following on from above, I've built a VS2008 and ST2 development machine and loaded my project. The COM Draft Library is not listed in the add references COM list. When I tested the app on ST2 it was falling over on 'For Each DraftSheet in TheDraftDocument.Sheets'. Does anyone know if there an issue with the Draft lib in ST2?


When I load the SE libraries by browsing directly to the interops in the Solid Edge/Program folder on the ST2 dev machine, some get loaded as COM and some as .NET. What's going on!?


Posted by: Dave Rothan
Post date: 10/15/2009 12:12:58 AM

RE: Is anyone developing using ST2...SUCCESSFULLY?




In .NET, 'DLL Hell' has been all but eliminated. Unfortunatley for us, we're still having to reference SE through COM and interops. I don't pretend to fully understand exactly how that all works, but it has been mostly 'transparent'...that is, until now!


In both my ST1 and ST2 Program folders, there is no interop.solidedgedraft.dll file


I'm guessing that my app works on ST1 and V20 becuase my setup package is installing and using the interop it picked up from V19 and that there aren't any differences in the ST1 and V20 API's.


I'm also guessing that this same interop is not 'compatible' with ST2 and that I need a 'new' interop DLL.


Where is it?!?!


Posted by: Dave Rothan
Post date: 10/15/2009 3:01:20 AM

RE: Is anyone developing using ST2...SUCCESSFULLY?


Hi SysRq,

i've not yet tested programming with/for SE ST2, but what happens if you remove and recreate all Solid Edge references needed by your Visual Studio project, assuming you are using Visual Studio on the workstation with Solid Edge ST2 properly installed? Do not reference the ready to use interops from Solid Edge, let the interops created by the Visual Studio Add COM reference dialog. After that you should rebuild your Solid Edge add-in project and then its setup project.

P.S. Have you seen my comments on how to integrate the Solid Edge add-in registration file into the add-in setup project?



Posted by: Wolfgang Kunert
Post date: 10/15/2009 10:47:08 PM

RE: Is anyone developing using ST2...SUCCESSFULLY?

Thanks Wolfgang.


I did as you suggested and completely rebuilt the solution from scratch on my ST2 machine. It now works fine with ST2, but won't run on V19. It falls over in the same place as it did in ST2! That figures I suppose. There must have been some significant changes made to the draft library for ST2. I guess I'm just going to have to maintain two versions of the application for a while!


I think this also means that there are going to be a lot of Solid Edge users moving to ST2 who are going to find that their draft macros and add-ins will not work properly now!


I did try out your suggestions with regard to the registry and I'm delighted with the result! Now it's easy to build a 'professional' installer for my applications. I will amend my add-in guide to include this very useful information.


Thanks again for your help with this.


Posted by: Dave Rothan
Post date: 10/16/2009 12:23:48 AM