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Is it possible to change in ST5

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello experts,

Is it possible to:
- Change pathfinder font? This letters are just to small (not by increase option 2X buttons) 
- Assy relations: Add concentricity constrain but always already blocked?

- Different automatic table for each draft sheet? I.e.. 2nd sheet table includes separated elements from only 2nd sheet

- Overally speed up solid edge but not by tool options? I.e.. Give program more RAM memory to menage.


The best background for me is old fashion and eyes friendly, measured

up r50 g50 b104 h170 s90 l77

down 171 172 193 169 37 182 

same nice change blueprint for draft r4 g72 b143 h150 s242 l74 , rest whiteSmiley Wink



If I will recall more questions I will put them here...

Thanks a lot!