Is this an API Problem?

I am working in Drafting Environment an I'm finding that the PrimaryLinearToleranceRoundOffType property on a dimension style does not change after placement.


I am basically trying to determine if the dimension is a fraction or a decimal in my code and I noticed that some dimensions were identified incorrectly.


It seems that if the dimension was placed as a decimal and then later changed to a fraction by right click properties, the PrimaryLinearToleranceRoundOffType does not change.


I see this with the Spy tool and with my program as well.


Can any one confirm that this may be a bug?



Re: Is this an API Problem?


Could you provide a code snippet so that I can see exactly how you're trying to change it?

Jason Newell
Applications Architect

Re: Is this an API Problem?

Thanks for taking the time Jason.


So when I went to get you a code fragment I found my bug. So you did help me.

I should have been using the RoundOffType property instead of PrimaryLinearToleranceRoundOffType.