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Is this really true.....?


Hi there,


i've got the following situation:


I have to model a sheetmetal machine-nameplate, which will be used for 100 different machines. The only thing that is different between those plates, is the text used for a normal cutout.


I want to program a macro, for producing the 100 plates, with different text on it. So i've got to invoke, through API, the excisting model and search for the text profiles, so i can adjust the text.


The problem is that they told me(and i read about it), that this isn't possible with API. What the **bleep**.... such a good program and a most simple thing, like editing text, isn't possible with this.!!


Or does anybody knows a workaround or a other sollution for this problem. I would be very happy, if someone has an reply for this.


Thnx in advance....!!




Re: Is this really true.....?


This is true, you can't change text profile via API.

Probably I did open an ER years ago but is not been considered yet.


In my case I need to produce 3d model of plates with number from 000 to 999.

So i did create 10 cut feature for units from 0 to 9, same for the decine and same for the hundres. Each feature have the variable to supress it.


In this way I have 30 feature and i go to unsuppress the digit that correspond to the number I want to create ( i have named the feature to identify what variable have to unsupress).


Have a look at the attached file that is my master file to produce all the other.


It need a bit of time to create it the first time but then is kinda fast.


Of course this is valid only if you have a finite quantity of digits.



Re: Is this really true.....?


May be a bit late now and I don't know if this is possible, but can you add a text profile through the API ?

You might then just create a standard plate with no cut, insert that as a part copy into a new part file and create your text profile cut in there.

Your program could then repeat this for a range of numbers, or a single number.

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Re: Is this really true.....?


There is no way to create a text profile through API.

Re: Is this really true.....?

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How about this...  Use the Feature Library functionality.  Create a cutout feature for every alpha-numeric character that will go into your naming convention to make up a name.  Save each and every one of those features you created into the feature library.  From there I would imagine that you should be able to come up with a routine that will parse the desired "machine name" and select each "letter" in turn out of the feature library and place them in a row into the model.