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Keeping Draft Dimensions in Check after Feature Rotates


Hi All,


I'm not too sure whether this question is more suited to the '2D Drafting' section or here.


I'm working with a program which is able to add keyway/square bore machining arrangements to parts by suppressing/unsuppressing 'cut' features and adjusting dimensions in the variable table of a 'template' part. A 'template' draft file is handled by showing/hiding the correct layers and updating the views.


This all works fine, but I want to be able to handle keyways and sqaure bores at any angle, but the dimensions in the draft do not seem to handle this well - especially geometric tolerances like the one shown below:



(Ignore the 50D P.C. dimension)


Is there any way that I can add some relations/constaints to dimension features to ensure that they are able to rotate around the part without messing up?


 I hope someone can help - thanks in advance!


Richard D