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Know if a block is mirrored


Hi there again, I come with a simple question.


When dealing with draft's blocks, within a BlockOccurrence, I can get its scale, rotation and position, by means of the properties:





The purpose is knowing the actual geometry shown in a draft, refered to its origin and with no limit of nested blocks and so. This is accomplished by means of some recursive functions, in which the code must take care of the different rotations, scales and displacements along the hierarchy. For those interested, I can release the code here...


However, if somewhat a block has been mirrored, I don't know how to get that information in order to recall actual geometry of the result! Inspecting with Spy, I can see that when two block occurences are mirrors of each other, all their exposed properties and objects are the same, so I can't get the mirror information. Thus, the mirroring will be skipped in the process, giving bad results.


I'm sure I'm missing something, but no idea of what. The info regarding block stuff is very sparse and somewhat weird to manage, so any help will be appreciated.


Thanks for your support.


Re: Know if a block is mirrored

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Ha, sorry for answering so late.
But as you mentioned, there is no information available in the API.
This should be send as enhancement request to GTAC.