Know if draft views need upodating?

I know its possible to get wether or not draft views need updating, how-ever this requires you to open the file in SE first.  Is it possible to determine this w/o opening in SE (some files can take several minutes to open).  Maybe calling the document via RevManager?  I would like to check thru files in a folder to know if attention from the user is needed to update daft files, kinda as a background task more so than taking over SE to check.


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To my knowledge, it is only possible via Solid Edge automation. I agree that this would be useful in a lighter weight API. My suggestion is to file an ER request with GTAC (or VAR) in the hopes that we may get this functionality some day.

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you could use the RevisionManager object to compare the modification date of the DFT file recursively with the modification date of all LinkedDocuments. As soon as one of the LinkedDocument objects is younger the DFT file might probably be out of date.


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Try chkdraft macro:


I would like check parts for errors bat macro chkAsmPR does not work on my Solid Edge ST4.