Launch Add In by API

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I have some Add In registered in Solid Edge and it's buttons appears in the Ribbon bar, Add Ins tab.

I can get reference to this Add In, but there is no opitions to launch it somehow.

I also tried to launch it by using the ProgID of the AddIn (like i start Solid Edge by its ProgID). It doen't works.

I have a reference to the button (RibbonBarControl), but there is no option to click/run/start it.

Also, i couldn't find any option to launch it by StartCommand() method.


I tried to get StartCommand event using Spy For Solid Edge. There is no events rised when i click the Add In button.


There is any way to launch some Add In activity? (Like i klick the button of Add In manually)





Re: Launch Add In by API

Hi AddEx, 

I have no problems to get StartCommand Events from the buttons of my Addin.

The CommandId is the number returned by the SetAdinInfo() Call. But remember that these values are  no constants (like the internal commands). They  depend also on other addins.

Maybe that the addin you use is not implemented correctly.


But for what reason do like to start user interactive command from an other program?


regards JB


VS2015, SE ST10