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I am having some trouble with an automation script we use for license install for ST6/ST7.  In previous versions, the license file could be installed in the \Program Directory (where edge.exe is).  So I used the following to set the path:


Dim DestPath As String = SEInstallData.GetInstalledPath() & "\SELicense.dat"



However, now that ST7 licenses go into the preference folder, I am not too sure how to point my VB code in the right direction.  I dont want to force a location in the code because I dont know where some users are installing their SE.  But I can no longer install to the /Program directory.


Any guidance would be appreciated!




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The SEInstallDataLib.SEInstallData additionally has the GetPreferencesPath function that you can use.

Depening on the case, you may check for the License.dat file and use it from whichever path it is found.



Tushar Suradkar


Re: License Install

Good one Tushar. I have to admit, the GetPreferencesPath() method slipped past me. I had not even noticed that it got added to the API in ST6. I'm slacking...

Jason Newell
Applications Architect

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Well, I bumped into this still with the thought of suggesting to use Directory.GetParent and step down to the license folder from there.

So I lucked out Smiley Happy


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This worked out perfectly.  Thanks!