Licensing-related problems



Do Solid Edge 2D Drafting License have any kind of limitations in terms of Add-Ins ??


I developed a VB .NET add-in and it work very well in Solid Edge ST3.. but when I use the Drafting License my DLL is not Loaded!


I noted that there is no Available Add-in in "Add-In Manager" window with 2D Drafting License, even if my DLL is registered.


Any idea ?





Posted by: Tamer EL BAKKALI
Post date: 6/19/2012 6:06:53 AM


Re: Licensing-related problems



Solid Edge 2D Drafting doesn't support the API, Solid Edge Design&Drafting supports the 2D API only, while all other versions of Solid Edge fully support the API.


Posted by: Wolfgang Kunert
Post date: 6/19/2012 11:39:28 AM

Re: Licensing-related problems


the 2D Drafting has no API in the base condition.

But you can talk to your Reseller, so you can take the 2D Drafting under maintenance for a little cost.

In Germany it´s circa 1 € per Day.

If you do this, it is possible to install SE as a full Version and you can use your 2D Drafting License.

So the API is installed and you only can use the 2D Part and nothing from 3D Part, like BOM, 3D Views or other.

Then you can make Add-Ins for this Version, but only for the 2D Part.

This Way we use sometimes for our Customers to print on a Server.


Sorry for my bad English.


Posted by: Stephan Mensing
Post date: 6/20/2012 1:43:24 AM

Re: Licensing-related problems

Thank you Wolfgang Kunert and Stephan Mensing for your quick replies Smiley Happy





Posted by: Tamer EL BAKKALI
Post date: 6/20/2012 4:13:19 AM