LineSegment selection using mouse

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using mouse with help of Solidedge Developer forum, i can select the line segment in Xpresroute.


My problem here, i can select only one line segment, but its not taking series of line or arcs.


can anyone help me to select the line segments with series of lines & arcs.


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did you add in your mouse click event handler the selected line object to the SelectSet/HighlightSet collections until you recognize the end condition (i.e. right mouse click)?


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Re: LineSegment selection using mouse

I am not sure if it's this what you are looking for, but if you want to select "Edge Chains" (a connetced set of edges automatically), then you have to implement that by searching for all connected lines/arcs and add them to the select set, too.

SE has no API to do that automatically!

Re: LineSegment selection using mouse

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Hi Martin/wku,


Thanks for your responce.


can you, please add some code, so it will be more helpful for all.





Re: LineSegment selection using mouse

I don't use Xpresroute, so I don't know what type of "lines" are created.

In Part, for example, you can have a DerivedCurve of multiple edges. Dependend on your select filter, you will be able to select either a single edge or the entire feature.

If there is something similar in Xpresroute, then you might change your select filter.


If you can only select a single edge, you can ask its Start- and EndVertex and for those request the edges. If you have a simple wire body, you should get 2 edges for each vertex, where one is the current edge and the other the neighbour edge. This allows you to automatically traverse the entire edge chain and select them all.

You may also check for tangency continuity of the underlying curve geometry, if only tangent edges should be selected.