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LocateFilter combinations to get a point

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


Hello everybody,


I try to locate different points. (2d-points, vertex, start-, middle- and endpoints of 2D+3D lines)

I have problems with the correct combination of the locate filter. I use the SE AddIn from Jason Newell and SolidEdge V 20.

I have changed the command.h file:

    //ISEMousePtr    m_pSEMouse; // from Jason Newell

    ISEMouseExPtr    m_pSEMouse; // new - to get access to the method PointOnGraphic   

Is there a reason, that the ISEMouseExPtr is not used generally (i.e. problems with PointOnGraphic method)?


The following filter settings are used in the activate method:


        m_pSEMouse->AddToLocateFilter( SolidEdgeConstants::seLocatePoint2d );

        m_pSEMouse->AddToLocateFilter( SolidEdgeConstants::seLocateVertex );       

        m_pSEMouse->AddToLocateFilter( SolidEdgeConstants::seLocateKeyPoint );


When I use the filterconstant seLocatePoint2d and seLocateKeyPoint in combination the 2d-points aren´t fetched.

How can I even fetch the 2d-points correctly ?


When I use the seLocateKeyPoint filter the keypoints get highlighted by a small red circle.

After selection this circle is still visible. Is there a way to remove this circles ?

The realy strange thing is, that when I display a message box before the m_pSECommand->Done = VARIANT_TRUE; - call, the circle is removed.


What´s the difference between seLocateVertex and the seLocatePoint Filter?


Has anybody found some useful combinations to locate points ?


Thanks in advance



Posted by: Matthias Senff
Post date: 10/20/2008 2:20:18 AM