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Macro help needed

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello, i need a little bit of help.


All our parts we use have a custom property called “Family Code”. Based on that Family Code, we need a macro. The macro runs in the Assembly environnement. It does the following steps:

1. Collect all the parts in de assembly (and sub assemblies) that have a “Family Code” value that is “PIPR” or “PIPS” or “PIPT” or “PIPU”

2. Create a “Display Configuration” called “Pipes”, where only these parts are visible on the screen

3. Set the value “Reference” in the occurrence properties of these parts to yes

4. Save the Assembly


I don’t have much experience in VB, I am a designer, but I think this a piece of cake for an experienced user. Can anyone give me a start? I have Visual Studio 2010 Express installed, so I can take a look at the code and modify it where needed.


Posted by: johan degreef
Post date: 12/2/2010 1:42:05 AM