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I have no knowledge for writing macro's for Solid Edge in VB (verry little bit in VB for excel), but would this be easy to make? We have made 2 queries (select tools) in our assemblies to make 2 configuration displays from. We make drawings/part lists from these 2 display configurations.


What we do now:

- run the 1st query

- do a "show only" when the parts are selected

- update the 1st display configuration (if it don' exist, make it first)

- run the 2nd query

- do a "show only" when the parts are selected

- update the 2nd display configuration (if it don' exist, make it first)

- show all parts again


The queries & display configurations are named "Pipes And Fittings" & "Components"

Would it be difficult if someone could hand me over a piece of code to have a start in completing this macro. I can install the VB editor. Again, I don't know how much work this takes, so if I ask something too much, sorry for that.




Re: Macro help



At first glance, I'm seeing that we can do most of what you're wanting. What I'm not finding at the moment is a way to apply\execute the query via the API. I may just be missing it but I'll keep looking.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect

Re: Macro help

It is possible to apply the Query using the MatchesCount of the Query. This function will give the number of occurences wich match the Query Criteria.

But as a byproduct, the SelectSet will be filled with these occurences.


I accedently stumbeled upon this, you won't see the occurences be selected in SE but the SelectSet will be changed!