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Macro to drive dimensions in parts and assemblies


I have searched the forums and not quite found what I was looking for. I have already looked at just directly driving the variables by the excel sheet by linking them but the problem is I need to swap out parts depending on customer requirements. This is where the linking hurts as you have very little ability to edit the existing sheet as the links are kinda dumb and won't update if you add or remove a row.


I want a macro that will look at an excel sheet and a solid edge assembly or part and find the matching variable names in a cell in the excel sheet to the SE assembly/part file and update the SE variable value from the excel sheet. I have no problem with naming all of the dimensions in such a way that they stay consistant but some variables may not be used all the time and others may be added later.


I am not a strong coder by any means but some pointers in the right direciton would really help me kludge something together.








Re: Macro to drive dimensions in parts and assemblies


So it turns out SE provides a macro to do some of what I wanted in the following folder.


C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST7\Custom\Bearing


This macro takes values from a selected row and updates a part to match the values a,b,c,d,f,r to the like values in the part file. This on its own is a big step but I want to take this a bit further in that I want to do the following.


1) * Run existing calc program to generate values.

2) * Import values from cvs file to excel document and populate cells (engineer will verify and adjust values as needed).

3) Push a button on the excel sheet, it opens a dialog box asking you to select base default assembly/part.

3) SE opens selected assembly/part, scans all variables and matches with parts, push the values to the parts, save the SE assembly/parts and close them.

3.5) Also need to create some custome variables/properties to provide job specific info to be pulled in a BOM later but also would like to pull the Item number value from the assembly and push it to each of the parts.

4) Open associated draft files and update, save, print and close.

4.5) Export BOM from assembly to an existing excel file BOM.


*Will do with seperate program as we are still developing the calc program for new applications and designs.