Matchcoordinate system between occurrence and SubOccurrence


Hi ,

I have structure in Solid Edge assembly like this.


I want to add Match coordinate system between Level_1_B.Par:1 and box.par:1 using API automation.

I have tried manually and it is working. 


I have tried some of the approaches but for this case exception is coming when I am trying to use Solid Edge API.

relation3D = seAsmDoc.Relations3d;
planar = relation3D.AddPlanar( );


Is there any sample code available so that I refer the same and change my codes accordingly. 


Note: I don't have sample driver currently for this scenario. I will update description as soon as I will prepare. 

Also I have used createReference() API's when getting the objects. In case of suboccurence (box1)maybe that value is not coming correctly or some issues.


Thanks in advance. Please let me know.