Measuring console



I want to make macro which will catch measured distances values to external console/window.

The built-in window of measuring tools is not working very well. For example there is wrong or no measuring history in that window.


I have an issue with macro programming. While the command of measuring is running I can't get any object of measuring (for applying own measuring by macro), or the results of measuring.


I tried HighlightSet.AddSelected for catching the measured objects, but it works only when the measuring distance is not running. 

I also try to catch object through the mousedown event, but the same, it works only when no command is runnig.


Is there any way, how to read the results of measuring? Or, generally how to read outputs  and used objects during the running command?


Thank you







Re: Measuring console

It may make more sense to report the measure command problem to GTAC.

Seems to me that the new Measure commmand does a great job of measuring, and capturing the information even after the command is terminated.

I think your idea will require a fair amount of work.

Did you look at the sample here?

C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST9\Custom\MouseEvents


Re: Measuring console

Thank you for answer.
I agree that the new measurement tool is very good, but If I terminate the command, and run it again, the measurement history is cleared.
Yes, I know about MouseEvents, it's perfect sample and I used it many times.
I tried it a minute ago and find that when the command of measuring is running, the MouseEvents stops to catch events, so it means, that I can't work with native commands by using macro - I mean, I can't read outputs of measurement commands by macro, or I can't send inputs to running commands by macro.
Am I right?

Re: Measuring console

As far as I know that is correct.
I think you would need to create your own measure command and that sounds hard.

Not sure what the project is but you could ask the user to copy the contents of the measure window to the clipboard. Then run a command to parse the clipboard text.

Re: Measuring console

Hello, thank you for idea about copying text to clipboard. I'll try, just for fun, to copy the text from that window automatically through the UI Automation. It seems to possible.
It's my own personally, non-commercial project. I like as smooth work as possible, and this measuring console would help me. But it's not critical.
Thank you