Members management in the assembly family



I have several Solid Works Assembly files (Asm1,Asm2 and so on). I used Solid Edge to open one of them (Asm1). After that, i have created SE alternate assemblies in Asm1 and add member2, member3 and so on. How i can programmatically change member2 content to content of Asm2?


Part family stores it's members in separate documents. And i cant understand how Altarnate Assemblies stores own members?


I will be grateful for any advices.


Posted by: Walker
Post date: 7/30/2012 6:42:58 AM


Re: Members management in the assembly family



Family of Assembly and Alternate Assemblies don't use the same approach as Family of Parts. With FOA, all the members are in one file, and only one member can be Active at a time. There's a switch in the UI controlling whether edits are made to the individual Family Member or to the whole family.


One approach would be to create an FOA file and place an Occurrence into each Member corresponding to the assembly in question. However, note that any components, variables, or relations, etc, that are common to multiple members won't automatically be reduced to their simplest form. So you're not really going to see the full power of FOA by doing it that way: even if member 1 and member 2 have occurrences in common, you'd get redundant occurrences in the FOA file with no association between them. Further edits to the FOA file in global edit mode would affect all members, though.


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Posted by: Jay Carlton
Post date: 8/1/2012 11:16:40 AM