Modify 3d object with API



I´m new on solidedge and want to know if can I modify the 3d models using only the API (without solidedge opened)!?


I need to automate some structures based on specific input values, and want this as backend service, so a web interface can connect and set these parameters and get the new output solidedge object.


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Re: Modify 3d object with API

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Welcome to the forum erik.

If you mean keeping Solid Edge in-visible, that is possible by setting the Visible property to False for the Solid Edge application object.


If you want to refer some ready to use examples, see this post by Jason on SE Samples on CodePlex.


For in-depth illustrated tutorials on Solid Edge customization for beginners in 4 languages VB.Net, CSharp, C++/CLI and C++ with MFC, see this Solid Edge Programming Blog.




Re: Modify 3d object with API

hellow tushar,


thanks for your response, however, what I meant was, if I can change the file content procedurally, without using solidedge, even without him installed on machine... is that possible?