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Modifying BOM Tables v18 to ST2

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

We have upgrade from v18 to ST2 (SP10). We have a custom program (VB6) that creates a custom "BOM" from the parts list. The frame was "constructed" with "DraftList.txt", in a view. The origin X, Y are different in v18 vs ST2. I was able to set everything up in ST2 to make it place the "BOM" in the correct spot using "Tables". When we open a v18 drawing in ST2 the "BOM" is off (the difference between origin on the view in v18 and the origin for the table in ST2). The parts list comes in as a default table "Normal_1. To keep it uniform, I would like to do a macro that would look for this table and reset origin and/or replace with an updated table style...Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance





Posted by: Bryon Bell
Post date: 11/15/2010 2:23:59 PM