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More effective measuring tool / inputs and outputs of native measuring commands


Hello all,

I try to update/adapt 3D measureming tool to do more effective work.

The macro should replace two commands: Inquire information and Minimum distance by one Command.
By other words, first selected edge will be for Inquiring but will be used also as first element of Minimum distance command. The Minimum distance command will be started as soon as second element be selected. Those two elements be as the input for Minimum distance.


To do that, I would need to get selected elements during run of the Measurement tools.
Is that possible?
If I select edge during run of command Inquire information, the select set remains empty.
The Mouse events doesn't work if the measuring command is running - so I can't get elements through pGraphicDispatch

The other thing which need to be solved is How to select edge programmatically as input for "Minimum distance" command.
I don't like to use method: SolidEdgeAssembly.AssemblyDocument.MinimumDistance , because this return just the numbers, but the user cannot see the yellow dotted line which shows what is measured.


Has anyone idea what is the right way I should go?


Thank you