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Multiple add-ins not working together


Hello everyone
I have two add-in working in solid edge.
The first is a design automation program that works in the sheet metal, assembly, and part environment.
The second saves a pdf copy of every draft and is only active in the draft environment.
These both work, but when you use one the (or just go into the environment) and don't close Solid Edge the other one won't work, or be available.
I don't how to get them to work together. My best guess is because the one add-in won't disconnect till Solid Edge closes. I was trying to figure out how to get it to disconnected manually, but not only can't I figure that out yet, but there should be a better way.
I am not skilled enough to have any more guesses.
Can you guys give me any help or pointers?




Re: Multiple add-ins not working together

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Need more info. What programming language? Did you use an addin template? If so, which one?


I'll also need to see your addin implementation code for both addins. Omit any propriety code if you need to. A screen grab video might be helpful to visualize exactly how the addins behave.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect

Re: Multiple add-ins not working together


Thanks Jason

It is written in and being used in ST7

I am using your addin template, though it may be old if things have change in the last year or so. (I have been away at school) 

What do you mean by implementation code? the OnConnection and such?

I will work and getting a video.


Re: Multiple add-ins not working together


As I worked on this problem further it became clear that one of the add-ins in particular was causing the problem. If it activated before any of the others it will cause the others not to run (but doesn’t seem to affect the add in for my 3D Connexion mouse).

I also think I have got the issue narrowed down to the code that someone else added for connecting to a MS Access database using TCP server and client.  (I used a backup from before this code was added and it did not cause these problems) The TCP stuff is over my head, but I can’t even see that any of that code is running when the add-in is activated.

If anyone knows of any conflict between a TCP server and Solid Edge that would be helpful.

Any suggestions about known ways of add-ins interfering with each other are appreciated.

Re: Multiple add-ins not working together


So ignore most of the above.
I commented out code, unloaded projects, and excluded from project almost everything and till all that was left was the import statements, the GUID, ProgId and the class MyAddIn that contained only the initial variable declarations. I then tested to see if it still interfered with other add-ins once it is activated.  It did so I then commented out declarations till it did. The two declarations that caused the interference where

Inherits SolidEdgeCommunity.AddIn.SolidEdgeAddIn

Public Shared objApplication As SolidEdgeFramework.Application = Nothing

(Interestingly enough if I excluded the “+ nothing” then that line didn’t cause any problems)

I can’t do too much more testing since those lines are needed to get the rest of the code to compile, but I have no idea how those declarations could cause other custom add-ins to not activate.

Again, help is appreciated.