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NOTICE: GitHub Samples

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The whole open source thing has been a journey to say the least. I've worked with code repositories in the past but never on this scale. We started on CodeProject, moved to GitHub, had a single repository then I decided it would be smart to break the repostiory up into language specific repositories. That is a decision I regretted almost immediately...


I've gotten quite a bit of feedback over the past several months and it has become clear that the language specific repositories was a bad idea. As of today, we are back to a single repository. I also previously had a large 'Samples' project that contained the bulk of samples. In the new setup, there is a single solution for each sample (per language). I have also worked on the directory structure. The new structure will be along the lines of [Environment] \ [Topic] \ [Language].


Everyone hates changes (including me) and a goal should be stability. My hopes are that we are settled on a setup that we can move forward with.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect

Re: NOTICE: GitHub Samples

A quick browse of the new samples lay out and I can say, for me,  this is much easier for "me" to follow!!!


Thanks Jason,  you have my support!