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Need a VB6 project renamed


We have a VB 6 project from about 18 or 19 years ago that was written to help us populate our properties.  It will not run in ST8. I am told it has to do with the UAC of windows 10. Our IT department is thinking since it has the name UpdateProperties the word Update is kicking off UAC and preventing it from running. This is a program that we have been relying on since Version 6 of Solid Edge. Not ST6, Version 6.  I have modified it in the past but no longer have a copy of VB6 if VB6 will even run on windows 10. I will attach a zip file if anyone can help me. If you want to use it for yourself feel free or upgrade it to the new .net stuff no problem. The setup is done with the included excel file although its an oldie too.Siemens Barry Shillingford wrote this for us.