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Network Saving Issues


Currently, I have been working to rectify our network saving issues with Solid Edge and to no avail has this task been successful. I recently had a 619 Mb file (Family of Assemblies)( each assembly contains around 21 components) take over 2 hours to save. We as a company do not create components with a large number of parts.  So, I am curious how companies that have large assemblies (i.e. Crane, car, etc.) use Solid Edge and save to their networks.

Steps taken thus far:

This is a very frustrating issue as it is a known issue and it seems there has been no development from Siemens in rectifying this issue.  Any advice or suggestions in this matter will be greatly appreciated.


Re: Network Saving Issues

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This is the Solid Edge Developer Forum. Your question looks like a better fit for the Solid Edge Forum. I'm fairly certain I've seen this discussion before so I would search that forum for solutions and repost your question there if you can't find any existing answers.

Jason Newell
Solutions Architect