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Occurence Properties

How can i read the occurence property table?

Specifically, I am trying to see if Assembly Reports is Yes or No.



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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Occurence Properties

try: ActiveDoc>Occurences


each occurence should be an item in the assembly (either it be a part or sub assy).  As occurance, you look for "IncludeInBom".


Remember, things get tricky if you want to look into any sub assys.  Those are subOccurances.  I suggest finding Jason Newell's "Solid Edge Spy".  It does wonders for looking at the structure of documents.



Re: Occurence Properties



Thank you!  I havnt tried it yet, but IncludeInBom def looks like what im trying to do.

I am already looping through occurances and subocurances so that is not a problem. And i am already using the spy! Thanks a bunch!