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PCF and Property manipullation

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

We have been using Solid Edge Since version 4 and In the last couple of years we have gotten into Sharepoint Portal Server. We have just implemented a K2 Workflow for our ECO Process and for the most part it works well. One problem that we are having is with the PCF files Created with Insight Connect. Anyone using Sharepoint knows that there are properties associated to Solid Edge drawings that must be associated to the document Library where the drawings are being kept. A particular property (and there may be others) cause us problems. The SELinkData property displays all the documents that are linked in the PCf file. This is Ok in our Workflow, in that we create a Project folder, where all the documents reside as we go through the ECO Process. When we get to the end of the Process We have our Document control person use the PCF file to move the Documents into Our Vault area. We are finding out that the SELinData links are not being updated, Even If we use revision Manager and do a where used/Update. I have talked to GTAC about the problem and there looking into it. In the mean time Our DC person is Manually changing the links so the PCf file can be used for ECO History purposes. I would like to be able to develop a small application that would do this change in a more automated way. Before I recreate the wheel I was wondering if anyone has had this problem Solved. I've noticed the Property API that Jason has listed on this website, But My skills are not at the point where I can determine if this can be done easily. I use with the K2 Software and have Been Programming with VB4/5/6 for 10 years or so. If anyone can get me pointed in the right Direction I would appreciate it.


Posted by: Coy Burgess
Post date: 4/21/2006 1:35:37 AM