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PMI dimensions in assembly


So i am hoping that someone here is a very smart and can explain how to do the following. 


I have the need to place PMI dimensions on to parts within a assembly. There is some really good information on adding PMI dimensions within the part environment and i am able to get that working.


This is the information for pmi in parts.


The question is how do i go about doing the same thing but in the assembly environment. I would assume you need to set the PMI object to refernece the Assembly PMI and then use the edge information from the occurences you want to diemension to. 


Does anyone have any idea on how to do this?


Re: PMI dimensions in assembly

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

In the Assembly environment, you can go to the PMI tab at the top and utilize the tools there to place PMI dimensions on parts and/or between different parts.  You can set you plane and choose dimensioning standards.  You can also save different views with specific dimensions shown/hidden as "PMI Model Views".  These can be handy to review you assembly with others with critical information called out.  Annotations are also available.


Hope this helps.


Kevin Grayson
Solid Edge Technical Consultant

Re: PMI dimensions in assembly


Hi Kevin,


Thanks for the reply. I have used the approrach you have suggested and it worked really well for dimensioning on assemblies that i know the configuration ahead of time.


The situtation i have is i need to place assembly level PMI dimensions using on a assembly completely created by code with out the uses of any human interaction. This is one of the requirements of the program.


The link to the API code i attached allows me to do this this for Part files. Is there a way to programmically doing this in the API for the assembly environment.


This is an example of what the automatically generated assembly look like. The dimensions are manually added but they would like the whole process to be done via code.



Currently they layout the assembly using a custom interface and then the code handles the rest(Parts,Assemblies, and drawings. Having to manually dimension stuff opens up the chances for human error.Grid_ceiling_1.jpg


This is the cad output with the desired PMI deminsions. Grid_ceiling.jpg