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I'd print automatically files dft,par, pdf. How build my VBA for this? We use ST4 and need a macro in excel that do this activity to saving time because don't create added value in our office.

We have a lot of files SE with a particular property of Confidentiality and we would a list generate in columns of worksheet : |name files |....| confidentiality (text) --> this is in "custom" of file property.

I hope we understand me and hope in your competences.

thank's a lot 


Hi KORD, just to clarify your question, you have an excel...

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just to clarify your question, you have an excel file with two column [files name & confidentiality] 

and you want to write a macro from within the excel , to open each file (no matter what its type) assuming it have same level of confidentiality in the custom property tab which also called confidentiality and convert it to PDF.

is this a correct description of the application you are trying to achieve?

if so, do you have any prior knowledge programming against SolidEdge? the basic functionality is quite simple to write , but as a real translator there are many aspect you must consider.

And also why is it important to be written from within the excel as VBA ? I would think that a translation service would be better of as an external application (one that might get this excel as an input file) . Is it really that important to embed this into excel?



Re: Hi KORD, just to clarify your question, you have an excel...

Hi Arnon and thank you for your interest.
Then: I'd a program (Excel VBA or other languages​​) that allows me to automatically transform all files from Solid Edge format to PDF, allocating them to certain folders depending on the level of confidentiality (is a property of each file).
I hope you have understood me and can help me, I have very little programming skills.