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PartList Positioning

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All --

I am pretty new to SolidEdge programming, but I found a helluva resources available in this forum. Cheers. Now to the problem. I am creating a draft from an assembly. After calling in some of the basic views, I am creating a partslists of one of the views. By default, it is positioned at the Lower left corrner of the sheet. Through program how can I set the position of the part list. What is the api call for the same.




Posted by: thomas thomas
Post date: 8/9/2010 5:01:58 AM


RE: PartList Positioning

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Valued Contributor


Hi --

Well, this is embarrassing. I asked GTAC about the problem and they replied negative. Below is the reply from GTAC.

There is no API on the 'Partslist' object for placing the Partslist at a given location during creation because the 'PartsLists.Add' method does not directly specify origin location. Same for moving it later. There is no API like

'PartsList.SetOrigin' or something like that.


However you can specify a previously 'Saved Setting' when you create the Partslist. These saved settings are saved in an ascii file in the following location (Default location):


C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST2\Template\Reports\Draftlist.txt


This contains 'ANSI' and 'ISO' settings but you can move the partslist and give it your own name.


You can specify this saved setting in the following...


Set objPartsList = objDoc.PartsLists.Add(DrawingView:=objDrawingView, _

SavedSettings:="MySavedSettings", _

AutoBalloon:=1, CreatePartsList:=1)


Is there anybody, who can throw in some light which may get me through. (Why I ask this is, when I used to do solidworks automation, there were guys who used to give workarounds for cases which weren't possible with solidworks helpdesk)

Eventhough no one replies, somebody will be helped by a day in getting the result from GTAC

Thanks and Cheers. 



Posted by: thomas thomas
Post date: 8/9/2010 11:35:08 PM

RE: PartList Positioning

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Valued Contributor




I've got two ideas;


Have you investigated the possibility of editing C:\Program Files\Solid Edge ST2\Template\Reports\Draftlist.txt. Just figger out where in this textfile the start location is saved, and edit these values (via your application).

After that reload the saved settings via the code you've given above?


An other option is to copy the content op the partslist on the clipboard (partslist.copytoclipboard method), and then load it from the clipboard into a normal SE table. For a normal SE table you CAN set it's origin.


Good luck.


Posted by: Wouter Sloof
Post date: 8/18/2010 9:10:16 PM