Place addin commands in existing Solid Edge menus?



I'm developing an add-in for Solid Edge ST2. Currently my add-in commands are in a separate ribbon menu, but if possible, I would like to place them in the existing menu categories. In particular, I would like to add the commands to the application menu (the Office 2007-style round button with open, save, etc.), if this is possible.

I've already tried editing my command description strings to match the category to an existing ribbon menu (for example, have one of my commands with category "Home" or "Tools"), but this just creates a second menu of the same name with the add-in commands.

If anyone has insight into how this might be accomplished, I would greatly appreciate the help.


Posted by: Zach Hummel
Post date: 5/14/2010 6:59:16 AM


RE: Place addin commands in existing Solid Edge menus?


have you got any solution? i have the same problem here...

but i would like to put them all in one menu i have created...


Posted by: Werner Richtsfeld
Post date: 11/17/2011 5:45:40 PM