Prevent updating recent file list

I am working on an addin using the community sample.

The addin saves a .jt file after the SE file is saved.

When I do this it creates an entry in the recent file list.

It's not a show stopper but I would like the recent list to not show the .jt file.

I see that the MRU can be turned off in the options but when you turn it back on it still shows the .JT file.

Tried setting SolidApp.Interactive to false. Didn't work.

I would appreciate any ideas.



Re: Prevent updating recent file list



If there is an API or trick, I sure don't see it. Sorry.

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Re: Prevent updating recent file list

Not sure, but maybe it's possible to back-up the registry key where MRU is saved, and then restore it after saving the jt-file

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Re: Prevent updating recent file list

I can confirm that backing up and restoring the MRU from registry does not work if SE remains open. 


SE seems to read a copy of the registry MRU when it opens, and then manages it separately while it is open, before writing it back when it closes!