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Problem with RenameFiles Method

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor



I make this sample code to rename assembly file but my Asm file does not change after this action with the Revision Manager.


You have any idea?


My C# code:


RevisionManager.Application objApplication = null;

RevisionManager.Insight objInsight = null;

object filesToBeRenamed = null;

object destinationPathsOfRenamedFiles = null;



// Start Revision Manager.

objApplication = new RevisionManager.Application();

// Get reference to Insight object.

objInsight = (Insight)objApplication.Insight;


filesToBeRenamed = "\\\\MyLocal\\Assembly" + "\\" + "Part14.asm";

destinationPathsOfRenamedFiles = "\\\\MyLocal\\Assembly" + "\\"+"Part14.asm" + "1";


objInsight.RenameFiles(filesToBeRenamed, destinationPathsOfRenamedFiles);


//I have Pop up here from Revision Manager:

//With confirmation The folder already contains a document named Part14.asm1

//But I don't have this file Part14.asm1 in the folder \\\\MyLocal\\Assembly

//Look the attach file for more information.


Same with VB.Net


Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

Dim objApplication As RevisionManager.Application = Nothing

Dim objInsight As RevisionManager.Insight = Nothing

Dim FilesToBeRenamed As Object

Dim DestinationPathsOfRenamedFiles As Object



' Start Revision Manager.

objApplication = New RevisionManager.Application


' Get reference to Insight object.

objInsight = objApplication.Insight


FilesToBeRenamed = "C:\Assembly" + "\" + "Part14.asm"

DestinationPathsOfRenamedFiles = "C:\Assembly" + "\" + "Part11.asm"


objInsight.RenameFiles(FilesToBeRenamed, DestinationPathsOfRenamedFiles)


Catch ex As Exception

' Write any errors to console.



' Release COM Objects.

If Not (objInsight Is Nothing) Then


objInsight = Nothing

End If


If Not (objApplication Is Nothing) Then



objApplication = Nothing

End If

End Try

End Sub

End Class


Thank you.


Posted by: Norber
Post date: 9/25/2013 10:01:50 AM