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Problems with EdgeBar

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


Hi all,

we are at the moment struggling with a strange problem.

We have developed a plugin that works fine within the development environment. The plugin adds edgebar pages to all environments within Solid Edge ST.

The problem is that installing the plugin on different machines (customers), it sometimes happens that the edgebarpages will not show on ALL the environments. Some edgebar pages do not show up and there is no pattern; it seems to happen randomly.

We are using C# .Net 2 for development. Does anybody have a suggestion on what is causing this ? We are using the .Net template from Jason.

Is this a registration problem of the plugin or is it a problem on the customers PC ?


Please find below some code we use in our plugin.

First the GUID's we use to register the plugin within the different environments :

                RegistryKey baseKey = Registry.ClassesRoot.CreateSubKey("CLSID\\{" + t.GUID.ToString() + "}");

                if (baseKey != null)


                    // Write required registry entries for a Solid Edge Addin.

                    baseKey.SetValue("409", title.Title);

                    baseKey.SetValue("AutoConnect", 1);

                    baseKey.CreateSubKey(@"Implemented Categories\" + CATIDS.CATID_SolidEdgeAddIn);


                    // The following keys determine which environments your addin will connect to.

          baseKey.CreateSubKey(@"Environment Categories\" + CATIDS.CATID_SEAssembly);

          baseKey.CreateSubKey(@"Environment Categories\" + CATIDS.CATID_SEDraft);

          baseKey.CreateSubKey(@"Environment Categories\" + CATIDS.CATID_SEPart);

          baseKey.CreateSubKey(@"Environment Categories\" + CATIDS.CATID_SESheetMetal);

          baseKey.CreateSubKey(@"Environment Categories\" + CATIDS.CATID_SEWeldment);

          baseKey.CreateSubKey(@"Environment Categories\" + CATIDS.CATID_SEDMPart);

          baseKey.CreateSubKey(@"Environment Categories\" + CATIDS.CATID_SEDMAssembly);

          baseKey.CreateSubKey(@"Environment Categories\" + CATIDS.CATID_SEDMSheetMetal);


          // This will be the Description text that is displayed in the SE Addin Manager.

                    RegistryKey summaryKey = baseKey.CreateSubKey("Summary");

                    if (summaryKey != null)


                        summaryKey.SetValue("409", description.Description);





We do not use the new 'edgebar' interface and events because we keep getting compiler errors on it.

We are using the EdgeBarPage.cs and the EdgeBarManager.cs. Whlie debugging the code, we do see the pages get created and we can access them. The pages are there but do not show. Is this some kind of 'refresh' issue ? Do we need to send additional messages to the page to make it vissible ?

Any help on this is very much appreciated.

Kind regards,


Edwin Dirkzwager


Posted by: Edwin Dirkzwager
Post date: 5/26/2009 10:23:02 AM


RE: Problems with EdgeBar

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor



I've been chasing my tail with a similar problem as you describe. It's been driving me crazy! What I finally figured out was that after installing MP6, my problem went away. Running my addin without any MP install did not work at all. You might check to see what MP version your dev and testing client is using. I'm guessing they are not the same.


Posted by: Jason Newell
Post date: 5/28/2009 8:19:42 PM

RE: Problems with EdgeBar

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Dear Jason,


thanks or this reply. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem.


These things can drive you crazy.


I will install the MP6 and see what happens and will get back to you on the results.


Kind regards,


Edwin Dirkzwager


Posted by: Edwin Dirkzwager
Post date: 5/28/2009 10:18:24 PM