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Problems with the solid edge add in wizard

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


i want to install the SolidEdge Wizard for Visual Studio 2005.

If I run the installer of the wizard it says that it could not find Visual Studio.

My version of the Visual Studios is: visual studio express edition csharp 2005, german language - no SP

My OS:  Windows 7 HP x64

I also have installed the professional edition of the visual studios 2008 (german too).


Is the SE-AddIn-Wizard incompatible with my versions of visual studios?


Thanks for helping!



I have installed the english edition of the Visual Studio 2005 express (only csharp) now, but id doesn't work, too.

So the cause of my problem is not the wrong language of visual studio.

Do I need the full version of visual studio 2005 (not the free express i have) to use the SE-AddIn-Wizard?

Thanks for helping (I hope there will be replys )


Update 2:

I find in this forum the following post:

(Sorry for this that i did not use the search machine before i submit my post)


According to this post it does not work with VS Express. So i know i need the full version now. Thats silly, because i already have VS 2008 professional installed (+ licensed of course), but it doesn't work with 2008 too.


But now there are a few questions i have:

-I think there are different editions of VS full (like standart, professional, etc...). Is it important which edition i have?

-Is it important which language i use?

-Does the SE-AddIn-Wizard work under Windows7 HP x64 bit? I think it will work, but better i ask.


Thank u 4 helping



Posted by: Sandro Roch
Post date: 6/10/2011 5:56:30 AM