Properties deleted when changing value



I've tried to change the value of a boolean in two ways:
1) objProps = objPSMDoc.Properties.Item("ExtendedSummaryInformation")
objProps.Item("Hardware").Value = boolHardwarePart
This resulted in the property being deleted. It is no longer visible in the solid edge spy.
2) objPSMDoc.Properties("ExtendedSummaryInformation")("Hardware").value = boolHardwarePart
The property remains there and has the correct value.


For strings the first method has always worked fine, but for booleans apparently not.
Can someone explain this? Should the first method have worked?


I'm using ST7 & Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express edition.


Test code:

Dim objPSMDoc As SolidEdgePart.SheetMetalDocument = Nothing
Dim objProps As SolidEdgeFramework.Properties = Nothing

Dim boolHardwarePart As Boolean

objPSMDoc = objSEApp.ActiveDocument

objProps = objPSMDoc.Properties.Item("ExtendedSummaryInformation")
boolHardwarePart = objProps.Item("Hardware").Value
TextBox.Text = "Hardware part: " & boolHardwarePart.ToString

boolHardwarePart = Not (boolHardwarePart)
objPSMDoc.Properties("ExtendedSummaryInformation")("Hardware").value = boolHardwarePart
'objProps.Item("Hardware").Value = boolHardwarePart
boolHardwarePart = objProps.Item("Hardware").Value
TextBox.AppendText(System.Environment.NewLine & "Hardware part: " & boolHardwarePart.ToString)





Re: Properties deleted when changing value

this sounds like the issue i had recently and reported to GTAC.


IF setting a non string property to and null set ""  the property gets deleted.


Im currently testing a fix from GTAC on prerelease MP11 and a dll hot fix that seems to fix the issue.


this was a bug


Reference PR# 7207681 & 7229070

Re: Properties deleted when changing value

Thanks, I think I will report this to GTAC as well then.