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I'm working with balloons (callouts).

The callout property text is: "%{File Name (no extension)|G}  (x%{Parts List Quantity|G})"

On the Drawing i see "Part1 (x5)".

When i use ObjBalloon.BalloonDisplayedText i get: "Link:? (xError: Not Connected.)", as if the callout was realy not connected to the part in the drawing view.

But the callout is connected to part (the callout leader points to some part in drawing view).


When callout property text is from Active Document or Named Reference, the result is right "Part1 (x5)".

When property text is from Index Reference or Graphic Connection / Graphic Connection to Part the BalloonDisplayedText is "Link:? (xError: Not Connected.)"


There is some way to get the actually displayed text (just as displayed in drawing)?

In my case there can be different properties and their combinations in the property text, so i can't dig into the referenced objects, get their properties and combine the resulting text.


The goal is to search text in drawings (textboxes, ballons, callouts...)


Please your advice


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I'm working on a project that is also getting data from callout balloondisplayedtext. I'm not seeing the problem you describe. Below is the balloondisplayedtext for a callout, happily getting the filename from the index reference.


I'm using ST8 MP4 and version 108.4 of the community SE interop.





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Thanks for replying.
Maybe in ST8 it works.
In my case it's ST3 (the customer is using ST3 and now there is no option to use something newer).

I'll try to find some workaraund.