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Regarding macro for Laser cutting cost of Sheet metal parts in model / weldment

Dear Sir,

I have requirement of  macro for the above said subject in SOLIDEDGE ST10, costing parameters / procedure are below :


want final output of sheetmetal model with price in Rupees.


presentely we are considering following stages :


A. calculate the total laser cutting length (perimeter considering outer profile & cutouts ) in mm

B. multiply by thickness in mm

C. laser cut cost = 0.013 per

D. calculate weight in kg

E. consider material Rate : Rs : 68 per kg.

F. Consider No. of start point. (means entities in model, i.e. having plate with 2 cutouts, start point will be 3 nos. )

G. Rate of one start point is Rs. 1


For calculating Total cost into Rupees = (A*B*C)+(D*E)+(F*G)

Values of C,E & G should be editable with password protection


Cost of part /weldment sholud be displayed in CUSTOM PROPERTY. in title block or in a table form.


Note : Calculation of weight as per material assigned in part model


 if anyone instreted, pl. reply on email : 



Somnath Pore


Somnath Pore
Univision Automation