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Is it possible to replace all kinds of standard "Save" in Solid Edge (Save Button, Closing the Dft with closing cross right upper corner,...) by another code that saves the draft as before, but adds a PDF to a specified folder?


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as Siemens PLM solution provider I've also for this request already created an individual custom solution doing exactly what you want:


A Solid Edge Add-In that creates additionally a PDF document.on each Save event of a Solid Edge DFT document.


You may contact me under one of the email addresses to be found on the home page:

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Jason could probably point you better, but I believe there is both a "pre-save" and "post-save" events you can listen for an do custom actions. This is what the PDM systems hook into.

Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

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You'll need to develop an addin for this purpose. Once you have an addin, it's simply a matter of attaching to the application events. The application events have Before\After Save\Close events that get raised and give you a chance to execute custom code.


You didn't mention which programming language you're targeting but we have a bunch of examples at If you need additional help, just ask.

Jason Newell
Applications Architect

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Is there a free Visual Basic programming client out there that i can use for this programming?

ex Microsoft’s Visual Basic Express Edition 2010

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