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Replacing SEDraftX.ocx


Hi, I have a VBA+Excel tool that used the SEDraftX to quickly preview a sketch in a window embedded inside an Excel sheet. I understood that, since ST10 this OCX is deprecated, and will be removed from future releases.

What method would you recommend to replace this feauture? I need to avoid to launch the full SE client, as I want something very fast, and under this point of view the SEDraftX.OCX was perfect.

Would the VMApplication object an alternative, even if the preview will be launched in a separate window? In this case I'm struggling to use it, the examples are of course .Net but I need a VBA vintage version of the code:


Dim objApp As InsightConnect.VMApplication
Set objApp = CreateObject("InsightConnect.VMApplication")

Second line of the code fails with a 429 runtime error. Probably the class string is wrong but I could not find it anywhere. The Excel worksheet has a reference to the View and Markup library, and first line of the code returns no errors, so it shouldn't be a missing reference error.


Any suggestion is welcome, either on how to use the VMApplication obj in VBA or on better way to accomplish same task.




Re: Replacing SEDraftX.ocx


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