Ribbon with Solid Edge ST


I want to create a Ribbonmenu with SolidEdge ST. Does anyone have a idee or sample code or know how to do it? 




Posted by: Marco Kreutz
Post date: 8/31/2008 10:50:42 PM


RE: Ribbon with Solid Edge ST

If you are creating an add-in your commands and toolbar will automatically be converted to the new ribbon UI. If you are trying to create a toolbar, the toolbar automation APIs still exist but the toolbar will be converted to a group on a tab that will be titled "Add-ins" and the group will be named using the toolbar name. Make sure you load a bitmap for each button (use the LoadFace member) as Edge (ST) currently does not assign a default bitmap.


Posted by: R.D. Holland
Post date: 9/3/2008 5:59:59 AM

RE: Ribbon with Solid Edge ST


Hello RDH,

thank for your answer and tip..


I have create a Toolbar with the example Toolbar.vb (SDK/..) but i can not rename the Menuname (Add-In). Have you idea how can i do this.


Posted by: Marco Kreutz
Post date: 9/3/2008 10:30:21 PM

RE: Ribbon with Solid Edge ST




I am creating a new toolbar (using the V20 API) and it is not visible anywhere.  It registers in the API as being there and adds the buttons correctly but cannot be seen anywhere.  Attached is the code to create it, do you have any suggestions for how I get this to be visible, Preferably I would like to add it to the Home Group, but adding it to a new group would be fine too?  It worked fine in V20, can you tell me what I am missing

Dim CloudBar As SolidEdgeFramework.ISECommandBar, cloudbutton As SolidEdgeFramework.ISECommandBarButton 


CloudBar = SEApp.Environments.Item( "Detail").CommandBars.Add("Description", 1)  'adds a toolbar to the draft or detail environment

cloudbutton = CloudBar.Controls.Add(2, 1)

cloudbutton.OnAction = filename & """" & openargs & """"  'sets the .exe filename to run with the appropriate open arguments

cloudbutton.LoadFace(path & "\icon.bmp")  'sets the bitmap

cloudbutton.TooltipText = "Tooltip"  'sets the tooltip

PS - This is just a standalone program working with the Edge API compiled in VB, it is not an add-in.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Tom Harris


Posted by: Tom Harris
Post date: 9/22/2008 9:21:44 PM

RE: Ribbon with Solid Edge ST



Hi Tom,


Your try following:

Insert “\n” befor “Description”


CloudBar = SEApp.Environments.Item( "Detail").CommandBars.Add("\nDescription", 1)


In c++ is it ok.






Posted by: Paul Gerling
Post date: 11/26/2008 10:43:22 AM